About the Education category

This category provides a space for members to learn and improve their knowledge about Galxe. Its focus is to provide educational resources, tutorials, and guides for the Galxe platform and its functionality.

Users can post various types of content in this category including:

  • Tutorials and guides for using the Galxe platform and participating in campaigns
  • Educational materials such as videos, infographics, and articles on the technical and non-technical aspects of Galxe
  • Questions and discussions on specific topics related to the Galxe platform, its features, and its ecosystem
  • Sharing of personal experiences, successes, and challenges when using the Galxe platform
  • Collaboration opportunities and discussions on how to learn and contribute to Galxe
  • Sharing knowledge and resources that can help others to learn and contribute to the project

Posts in this category should help to create a space where community members can learn more about Galxe, understand the technical and non-technical aspects, and connect with other community members who are learning and contributing to the project.


This is a good environment to learn more

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nice knowledge and good detail of project :blush: