Changing the "Galxe Passport" Mechanism (Use Floating Points)

Greetings to the members of the GALXE community <3
It’s been almost a year since I became a member of the GALXE community, and all this time I felt unique, because I was working on one of the biggest and most potential Ethereum projects. Recently, we were able to break the record of 4 million unique Galxe IDs, and soon this number will exceed 5 million! (Think How Strong We Are!)

But the topic that I want to talk about today is a little different and of course extremely important. About a few hours before the publication of this proposal, a new article was published on the Galxe blog, an article that caused concern to a large number of users: “Galxe Passport”

It may seem scary at first glance, but in my opinion, this section should have been added to the platform sooner or later, because when a project as big as Galxe does not have a solution to separate airdrop hunters and Sybil attackers, it can definitely cause inconvenience to partners and even be its users, But the main problem of users with this new feature of the Galxe platform is the requirement of authentication by personal identification documents, which can endanger their privacy and violate the rules of decentralization.

> What is the solution now? Using a Galxe Passport with floating points!

Of course, I give you the right to want to distinguish the sybil attackers or BOTs from “REAL USERS”, but suddenly using a feature like “KYC” and making it mandatory for active campaigns, I don’t think is the right way for now.
We can look for an alternative solution and I think “privileging this section” can be the best possible solution. So that users can increase their final Galxe Passport score by performing a series of activities and tasks. Pay attention to these items:

Number1 : Using a system similar to Gitcoin Passport
In addition to the above, one of my biggest concerns as an old user of your platform is the loss of many users and the drastic reduction of various participants in future campaigns. In my opinion, one of the best alternative ways is to use a system similar to Gitcoin. The Gitcoin project, which is considered one of the most important projects of the Ethereum ecosystem, also uses a passport system, but it is completely decentralized, so that there is no need to register identity information, whether it is a passport, certificate, or ID card.

Number2 : The condition of the date of creation of the social network account
For the second case, let me give an example: for example, you can set the condition that to complete the Galxe ID section, at least 2 months must have passed since the creation of the Discord and Twitter account. Thus, a large number of Sybil attackers are unable to participate in future campaigns. Similar to such a system, it’s did by the Gyroscope project and it was successful to a large extent!

Number3 : Add the OnChain activities!
You can even make this condition, for example, let’s say that only those who have at least 30 POAPs can complete the Galxe ID section. Or, for example, for those who have a special OAT, there is a possibility to increase the points.

Number4: Using Bright ID (or similar services)
This case is also used by famous projects like “Rabbit Hole” and one of its advantages is that it does not need to provide identification documents in addition to authentication, which is considered a big advantage. Among other similar projects, “Proof of Humanity” can be mentioned, which offers a similar mechanism.

Finally, I think that the Galxe Passport system should be floating, so that users can increase their points at any time. Of course, you can also apply the frequency limit for making changes in this section to trap airdrop hunters so that they cannot participate in campaigns with fake accounts.

The use of the solutions mentioned in this proposal are completely taken from my personal opinions, and of course I also included the words of my followers on Twitter so that we can finally reach a positive conclusion about this issue.
Thank you to all those who read until the end, please share your opinions in the comments section and if you agree with the things said in this proposal, like this topic <3

Long Live GALXE!


I agree to whole proposale… you describe the condition very well :heart::hibiscus:


Thank you for your feedback, Dear Mohsen :v: :innocent:


I completely agree with you


I really agree with you, the team should also be critical and take action right


I like the proposal . it is better for decentralization .


I agree 100% this is the best way


I think, this proposal is so useful . I prefer decentralization. :ok_hand:


I completely agree with you :+1:


I also agree with the stated conditions, and besides, I don’t have a passport at all, at least if this system is going to be established, ID cards will be accepted.


i,m agree whit you this must to fix it


I completely agree with you my frined


I completely agree with you. If it is other than, the decentralized ideal will be lost.


these ways are the best ones i can consider for this purpose. thanks for your suggestion Saman.


Great ! Hop true! :wink:


that is great idea i agree with all of the proposal


agree with you
your idea is good


I agree with you. Ty for proposal

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Your proposal is good. I agree with that

I completely agree with you,dear saman.