Changing the "Galxe Passport" Mechanism (Use Floating Points)

Sir, this was great. You are our voice.

I agree with you. this is better way to do that

very good platform .i.m glad use this site galexy

I’m agree with you and thank you for this topic. I’m was shocked when i have seen we need it KYC. As if I was in jail and had to show my white paw. Galxe have to use an other way ; )

This is great! What you are mentioning here is very similar to what we are tying to built right now - we never will make passport as a requirement, but we are going to provide different ways, or different levels of confidence, for different projects to do sybil-attack prevention.

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It would be greatest way

Dear Saman, Your Concerns are understandable, Even I and Many others can not Do KYC now for some reason, But KYC is a very strong trend and is a need for the mass adoption of Crypto Market. It allows us to enable new use cases like uncollateralized loans, etc. on the other hand, our partners need relief that they do not get Sybil attacks. we denifintly need diffrent methods of KYC with diffrent benefits.