Hi! Galxe! ( Galxe Community Missions S2W2 )

GALXE is a decentralized mobile ecosystem utilizing blockchain technology, and is a project that aims to build a distributed economic system for a sustainable future.
To this end, we provide various functions and services, and are working to build a new economic ecosystem by utilizing IoT and big data analysis.

It also participates in various projects for sustainable development and ecosystem protection, and pursues sustainable growth by protecting the environment and building eco-friendly infrastructure.

In other words, GALXE is a project that aims to build a decentralized economic ecosystem and a blockchain-based ecosystem for a sustainable future.


Great project, I use it every day.

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I love galaxy forum)

any help for that? or twitter notification or soemething


Cant verify Galxe user forum

great project, but i have not been able to claim the nft mission 2

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hi all hope you all doing good

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