NFT claim support

What about setting up support here? Everybody who have problems with claim GALXE NFT may ask community advise. It may be a kind of Discord support.


in my opinion, the problems with obtaining NFT in most cases are the problems of the users themselves. Personally, I do not know of examples when I completed the task and did not receive the NFT. If there are problems with the network - wait a little or at another time. In a certain sense, the Galxe company outsources and the performance or non-performance of the service is on the side of the service provider. In other words - if you want to do any activities in a project - study this project and follow it. And ask all questions on their Discord server. Galxe does a great and important job putting it all together! Why complicate their lives by solving the problems of people who make their own mistakes? And do not forget that there are also technical problems.
Summary: This is an unnecessary procedure.


That is true, you are right.


Hello! Very interesting minds. you are right!

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А я считаю, это хорошее предложение.

Platform full of problems, always have a headache in many tasks… Even being a member of this forum I can’t complete the task…

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Hey! I always fight for the Truth! And thank you for your support!!

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