[Proposal] Galxe Community Events Budget


This proposal seeks funding from the treasury to fund future community activities within the next 2 months (March - April). The budget requested is $45,000 in GAL tokens, and it is intended to activate, engage and grow our community, drive growth for Galxe in key areas, and increase visibility for Galxe.


Galxe’s community is vital to the success of our protocol. We want to ensure that our community remains engaged, active, and growing. As such, we need to provide our community with incentives to participate in various community events, such as the Galxe Community Missions, Galxe Wizard, and more. This funding will allow us to continue to run these events, incentivize participation, and reward our community members for their efforts.



The proposed funding will be dedicated to activating, engaging, and growing our community, driving growth for Galxe in key areas, and increasing visibility for Galxe. The focus of all events will be on Galxe’s social platform growth and engagement, Forum and DAO participation, Discord community engagement and participation, and partner space growth and partner campaign participation.


This proposal covers all community events and initiatives that will be undertaken within the next few months. The funds will cover the costs of prizes and rewards for these events. This proposal does not cover any operational expenses for Galxe.
Any remaining funds which were not distributed as rewards during the mentioned period will be allocated as rewards for future events and programs.

Success Criteria

The success criteria for this proposal are as follows:

  1. Increased engagement and participation in the Galxe Discord.
  2. Increased engagement on Galxe’s social channels.
  3. Increased participation in partner campaigns.
  4. Increased participation in the Galxe DAO & Forum.


The expected budget for this proposal is $45,000 in GAL tokens. The timeline and details for the events and initiatives covered by this proposal will be outlined in individual event announcements. However, in general, events will be held over the next 2 months (March - April).


Galxe Community Missions Season 1 - https://medium.com/galxe-news/the-grand-debut-of-galxe-community-missions-4f646836999c
Galxe Wizard - gal.xyz/GalxeWizard


Wonderful idea, lets make some noice


I recommend registering, I trust this project


An excellent proposal, the main thing is to properly allocate resources, so that funding aimed at attracting new members does not contribute to the outflow of old users!


super good idea, I’m waiting!


Agree. For pasport holders only plz


great.lets make some noice

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I think it’s good idea

Great point needs to be balanced

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Great idea! keep it on sky divers!

this is awesome idea. I highly stay with you!


Sounds good. congrats Galxe community.

pork-barreling will temporarily increase the number of beggars, but it is unlikely that the majority of them will become active users

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Great stimulus for all member and participators! will help to grow up with Galxe community.

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Community is the most valuable thing for any project. Sounds good! :sunglasses:

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Отличная новость и решение!


OK,cool。。Nice activity. Can be great.


I fully support the idea proposed by the project management. Any activity aimed at development and growth always requires additional funding. So if you need it, then you need it

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agree!~~~~ I trust this project

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I fully support the idea proposed .

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