[Proposal] Galxe Contributor Program Rewards Extension (Q2-Q3 of 2023)


This proposal seeks to extend the Galxe Contributor Program Rewards for Q2-Q3 of 2023. Building on the success of the Q1 2023 rewards program, the goal is to continue recognizing and rewarding members in the Contributor Program (Space Cadets) for their contributions while maintaining increased engagement, participation, accountability, and transparency within the Galxe community.


The Galxe Contributor Program has demonstrated a positive impact on community engagement, participation, and growth during Q1 2023. To maintain this momentum, it is essential to secure funding from the community treasury for the remainder of 2023, ensuring the ongoing recognition and incentivization of valuable contributions to the Galxe ecosystem.



The extension of the rewards program will maintain the existing structure, which includes manually tracking contributions, internal evaluation, and GAL token distribution based on contribution performance. The program will also continue soliciting community feedback and suggestions to ensure it meets the needs and expectations of the Galxe community.


This proposal covers the following aspects:

  1. Extension of the rewards program for Q2-Q3 of 2023.
  2. Re-evaluation of the GAL tokens allocated for each quarter, considering community growth and increased demand for contributions.
  3. Continued promotion of the rewards program and encouragement of participation from new and existing members.
  4. Ongoing solicitation of community feedback and suggestions, with adjustments made as necessary.

Success Criteria

The successful implementation of this proposal will result in:

  1. Ongoing recognition and rewards for contributors, leading to active participation and increased contributions from community members.
  2. Sustained growth and development of the Galxe community.
  3. Enhanced engagement, accountability, and transparency within the Galxe community.


Considering the growth and increased engagement since Q1, the proposed timeline and budget for the rewards program are as follows:

  • Q2 (April - June): 10,500 GAL tokens
  • Q3 (July - September): 11,000 GAL tokens
  • Total: 21,500 GAL tokens for Q2-Q3 of 2023

Implementation will begin immediately upon approval and continue throughout Q2-Q3 of 2023. Contributor Program rewards are distributed after the respective quarter ends.

References (Links)

Galxe Contributor Program Overview - https://blog.galxe.com/galxe-contributor-program-5d96ac75e4ae

Galxe Contributor Program Rewards Q1 Proposal - https://forum.galxe.com/t/proposal-galxe-contributor-program-rewards/20266

Apply to be come a Galxe Space Cadet - Galxe Contributor Program


Zgadzam 101%. I proszę o podpowiedź jak wziąć w tym udział bo przeczytałem chyba wszystko a wciąż się gubię :frowning:


type 101%. I am asking for a hint on how to participate in this because I think I have read everything and I am still lost:frowning:

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This is very good idea. I voted in the last proposal. Looking forward to more.

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This Contributor Programm should be extended.

Hey, please see the referance links to learn what the Contributor Program is about and how to apply!

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This is fine by me, I think it is pretty clear. Let’s go Galxe community

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I support this, It is actually fine to do it, we should probably recognize their contributions and encourage them to do more by rewards.

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I agree with this. 2nd round should happen for sure and 100%. Go galxe