[Proposal] Galxe Loyal Users Rewards 2023 ⚡️


As a user-oriented project Galxe rewarded loyal community members back in May 2022 with $GAL Token Airdrop based on platform activity.
Many new users joined after that event and become a Galxe fans - they participated in many campaigns and events collecting credentials, NFTs and OATs - supporting project in a best possible way they could.
This proposal aims to introduce a rewards model for the Galxe Loyal Users.


Galxe Loyal Users who was very active and collected >1000 NFTs (OATs+NFTs) lost a motivation due to luck of any rewards system for such a high activity.

Proposed Solution

To solve this issue - suggestion to create an event that will reward Galxe Loyal Users from the community treasury.
The rewards will be distributed based on the activity - by each 1.000 NFTs (NFTs + OATs) on user wallet.
Rewards will be distributed in the form of GAL tokens.

Tier 1 - >1000 NFTs 25 $GAL
Tier 2 - >2000 NFTs 50 $GAL
Tier 3 ->3000 NFTs 100 $GAL

Expected Outcomes
Galxe will get back Loyal Users who took a pause (It’s much easier than to attract new users) but it also will attract new also who would expect such a rewards in 2024 so the activity will be increased significantly

Snapshot should be made in March/April
Rewards distribution in May :wink:

The Galxe Loyal Users Reward Program will not only get back experienced community members to keep their way with platform interaction in an enthusiastic way - will also increase engagement and participation from new community members.


From my opinion it would be great to add few more Tiers:

100 NFTs
300 NFTs
500 NFTs



Agree. Spent time. Nerves. Commissions.


I thought the developers of the project themselves should have done this, they should be ashamed.
I would also add a mandatory item for BAB owners or Galxe passport


I have been an active user of the platform for a long time, but in the last few months there has been no motivation to be active. Take for example the last campaign with the galaxy boy - it’s generally a complete disappointment and negative emotions, now I have no interest in taking part in such campaigns, because they do not justify the time I spend on their passage. I think that it is necessary to periodically reward early users for their work and contribution to the development of the project and active participation in it.


I consider the proposal constructive, it would be great to reward early users monthly according to the scheme described above


I like such numbers better and in general the idea is also great


The idea is great, but the numbers are too high for me, I personally consider myself a loyal member, but due to the employment and type of work I do not have enough time for so many projects. I support the idea, but I suggest reducing the threshold. 200-600-1000 for example


Как долго я этого ждал ((не спал ночами скажите NFT +OAT? Или только NFT?я думал порог нужно делать 700 1400 2000


Collected NFT



В предложении нфт+оат написано

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Collected NFTs+OATs



I absolutely agree with the proposal. this way it will be possible to maintain the interest of early users who continue to work for the benefit of gelxe

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Completely agree with you.


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Nice Idea It’s high time to reward followers. By the way, this will re-increase interest in the project


This is a very good idea! I am an active participant of the Galxe platform and have in my collection more than > 4000 NFT (NFT OAT) for all this time (> 1 year) I received a reward equal to ~ $150. I am very happy for this and grateful to Galxe for this reward! But unfortunately, this amount is not comparable to the forces that I and members of the community put into the project every day. I think DRAMA’s proposal to reward participants for the collected OAT will be a very good support for the supporters of the Galxe project👍 In turn, I want to suggest making reward levels, having reached which each participant could immediately receive a reward:

500 OAT 10 GAL;
1000 OAT 25 GAL;
2000 OAT 50 GAL;
3000 OAT 100 GAL;
4000 OAT 200 GAL;
5000 OAT 300 GAL; and so on…
In any case, whether the initiative to encourage supporters of the project proposed by DRAMA will be supported or not, I am grateful to Galxe…


The proposed Galxe Loyal Users Reward Program seems like a good initiative to encourage and retain loyal users on the platform. By providing rewards in the form of GAL tokens, the program can incentivize users to stay active and engaged on the platform, which can help in increasing the platform’s user base and overall engagement.

However, it is essential to ensure that the rewards are distributed fairly and transparently, and the program’s rules and criteria for qualification are clearly communicated to the users to avoid any confusion or dissatisfaction. Additionally, the program’s cost should be carefully considered.

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keep it up completely agree, every work should be paid, getting nft is also a kind of work, thanks


I agree, I fully support the author’s proposal, because sometimes you do a task that needs some finance