The ability to connect multiple MetaMask addresses to one account

I am increasingly encountering requests to add the function of connecting multiple MetaMask addresses to Galxe. I think it would be advisable to consider this function since many users have previously interacted with certain platforms from different addresses and after a campaign appears in which they need to perform some action, users are faced with the fact that they have already done it before and the campaign does not count this data again.

There are situations when it is impossible to perform this or that action from the address of your wallet on which the account was created, and then you connect a clean address and complete the task, and it is credited to your main account.


I fully support !!!If a person understands this, then he means that to offer


I agree 100% with this proposal.
Also it can be used not only for metamask and on EVM addresses , but for all the networks Galxe supports now, as well as on any future networks Galxe may support whenever


I agree with you. the idea is good and the team needs to think about it.


Nice, very good post. Respect my dear friend :+1:

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Good idea, I support it.

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I agree to this.
This will also be helpful for people who got their metamask wallet hacked.

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No, this is not advisable.
You didn’t think that this would provide very good conditions for those who cheat.

Of course, this is not excluded. You can check the participant’s account for his activity on social networks.