[Proposal] Galxe Contributor Program Rewards Extension (Q2-Q3 of 2023)

agree this post okay call this

I’m hoping for the best this time…

Totally agree with that!!

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Good proposal, Let’s GOOO! thanks youuuuuuuuu

Great proposal! It’s exciting to see the Galxe community’s dedication to recognizing and incentivizing contributors. The extension of the rewards program for Q2-Q3 of 2023 demonstrates a commitment to maintaining momentum and furthering the growth and development of the Galxe ecosystem. The continued solicitation of community feedback and suggestions shows a willingness to listen and adapt to the needs and expectations of community members. Looking forward to seeing the continued success of the Galxe Contributor Program!

I agree with all suggestions

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I agree with all suggestions!

I strongly support this suggestions

ОК хороший LFG! Great! wait good news

It’s worth to vote for!

I think it’s a good idea

Like the idea, we should continue like this way

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I’m all for it

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Great!!! I really want it

good ideal, let`s go to do it.

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Good! I recommend registering, I trust this project

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