Your biggest airdrops

Let’s share here the biggest sums you’ve ever earned from the airdrops.

My Top-3 is:

  1. 150 APT tokens, around 8$ each
  2. An NFT from Enjin Wallet, 500 ENJ, around 1,5$ each
  3. 400 KST tokens, around 1,5$ each

What period is this for? How long have you been in crypto?

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Almost 3 years. Yeah, long time =)

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30 usdt from kukoin wallet

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Only aptos, mb nawarat and waiting more aidrops

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not bad, mb its a small money, but in you wallet


2500 Forta Tokens, 1$ each

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Despite the deadline, it sounds good. Some people got 0 in that time (I know several such people)