What you think about Bitcoin Price in this Year

Hello Everybody, Please Share yours Opinion.


will find a bottom and will go up towards the end of the year.


30000 I GUESS … hope it increase more

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:100: думаю, что в моменте и больше будет!

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i think 2x from current price minimum

I think the same as you think, will go to the minimum the last quarter of the year and then goes up

I think 12k is the bottom

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I think bitcoin will just go sideways

I think the price is between 6800 and 26800.

10k :melting_face: :money_mouth_face: and dead cat bounce

more than $20,000 in this year.

I thinh it will be only 20 toudend

To będzie dobry rok na akumulację BTC.

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I can tell you that the price of Bitcoin is highly volatile and has fluctuated significantly over time. It has been influenced by a number of factors, including supply and demand, regulatory developments, and market speculation.

It’s hard to say what future will hold but maybe 20k, until next bull run.

The technical rebound is viewed as 30k, and up to 60k is turned around the hope circuit.

год только начался, а здесь уже “Ванги” набежали ))
В может и до 1000$ упасть, но в “0” точно не укатается.
Вы пишете просто ваши прогнозы, - а можете сказать честно - какой цены вы для себя ждёте? И для чего? Закупиться? ахахаха …

Tez mam taka nadzieje :slight_smile:

It will be growing .

It shoud be around $30k

I think the price of bitcoin will be 40-49 this year :upside_down_face: